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Single room interior Carola

Just a few steps away from the famous Euskalduna bridge, by the shipyards, you will find the crane Carola, built in 1957. It was once the tallest and most powerful crane in the state.

Carola was named after Carol Iglesias, a young blonde woman who crossed the estuary every day by boat from across the shipyard in Deusto to work at the hacienda’s offices. She sparked passions among the dock workers.

Enjoy this unique room, with luxury mattresses and pillows, down comforters, and top quality sheets to make your stay in Bilbao unforgettable.

Room service

Private bathroom

Private bathroom with shower and hairdryer.


Air conditioning, security code, thermostat…


40″ led TV, Nespresso coffee maker…

Free WiFi

Internet is available throughout the guesthouse.

Tourist information

We have information on points of interest.